USB4.0 is the latest generation of Universal Serial Bus technology and an upgrade version of USB3.0. Using the latest Thunerbolt3 communication technology, the USB4 supports maximum additional bandwidth and is greatly improved with faster performance and stability. 
Technical specification: 
USB4 defines a new technical specification that can run multiple products smoothly. It is mainly based on the improvement of Thunerbolt3. The performance is more powerful, and the data transmission speed can reach 40 Gb/s and the maximum bandwidth can reach 50 Gb/s. 
This time, the USB4 will fully support USB-C connectors, ensuring that external devices are fully compatible. If you were previously using USB-C, you can seamlessly connect these devices to USB4 devices, leaving high performance devices as they are and low performance devices at a reduced speed. 
Functional features: 
The USB4 improves the previously specified bandwidth control logic to automatically increase the startup data bandwidth from 25Gbps to 40Gbps of the USB4 standard speed based on actual device usage. The technology also has reverse compatibility and rational availability, which can provide users with greater bandwidth with greater efficiency. 
Almost all computers, mobile devices, and most other devices can be connected quickly and easily with the USB4, and this extends to support many other devices, such as wired keyboards, mobile storage devices, networking devices, power devices, and more. 
USB4 will bring a different experience, fully realize the wireless networking of multiple devices, so that users can complete the task of transferring files across multiple devices at the fastest speed. Its appearance not only improves the performance of the device, but also provides users with the best experience. It also helps to have more powerful applications in smart home, virtual reality, Internet of things and other fields.